THE SLEEP TESTS: Our solutions for detecting a sleep disorder

After your consultation with your doctor, you may be referred for a sleep study. A sleep study, or polysomnography, is a non-invasive test in which pain and no sleep habits and behaviors associated with sleep are recorded.

Express screening of sleep apnea

Our therapists offer a free screening that assesses the risk of the sleep apnea using questionnaires clinically recognized directly in our clinics or directly to your business for your employees.
You will be informed of the chances you have to make sleep apnea with a comprehensive overview which tackles examinations, symptoms, causes, associated problems and treatments.
Contact us or start the questionnaire pre-test of four questions on the risk to the sleep apnea. Take the sleep test online for free!


The sleep study or complete polysomnograhy is a comprehensive review where people come to sleep in our laboratory. The review allows you and your doctor to accurately identify a sleep disorder (sleep apnea, insomnia, restless legs, narcolepsy ...).
We have these rooms with the equipment at the cutting edge of technology and knowledge that can make this type of examination very sharp. Read more ...

The respiratory polygraphy or polysomnography partial is a test where people sleep at home with a device that looks like a lie detector. The review allows you and your doctor identify if you're sleep apnea. Read more ...

The nocturnal oximetry or oximetry night is a test where people sleep at home with a simple clip at your fingertips. The exam allows your doctor to identify if you need more Investigate to see if you have an opportunity to make sleep apnea. Read more ...

Vigilance study 
Vigilance studies are iterative test latency to sleep onset (MSLT) and the test mantien of wakefulness (MWT). People come to spend a whole day in the laboratory which allows you and your doctor identify if you're in narcolepsy cases MSLT test or validate the effectiveness of CPAP or medication in the case of MWT.
We sat and sat trying to sleep during the MSLT and conversely trying to stay awake in case of MWT. Read more ...


http library wp-content uploads 2011 04 S9-VPAP-Adapt-eASV--H5i.web In addition to conducting studies on sleep, the sleep clinic also sells devices to treat sleep apnea patient directly and spare parts - such as masks, hoses and filters - which are periodically required to continued use of the device.

Appliances are electrical appliances, small enough to place on a bedside table. It draws air from the room and light pressure is delivered through a flexible tube to a special mask worn by the user during sleep. The air pressure keeps the throat open during sleep and eliminates snoring and pauses in breathing. Using the apparatus, breathing becomes regular, snoring stops, and restful sleep is restored.

We are able to offer you, within a very fast trademarks of CPAP, Auto CPAP, BiPAP or VPAP highly recommended by specialists in sleep medicine. Models new, refurbished or demonstration with optional payment methods suitable for every budget.

Teaching is conducted in a friendly and personalized introduction to treatment of sleep apnea. Operation, maintenance and the origins of sleep apnea are explained by inhalthérapeute certified.

The well-being of the people we serve is at the heart of our concerns. For this reason, we will contact each user to monitor the short, medium and long term of their night's sleep.

Read more about the service and payment methods ...


iStock 000011834862XSmallGood maintenance is of paramount importance to ensure the full life of the unit. Manufacturers strongly recommend at least once a year to verify the functioning and reliability of its equipment. Our program can operate to its full potential.

The annual program includes an audit in 35 points: compliance report, signs of the device, comparison of pressures, for leaks, signs of clinical treatment and type of mask used.

After some time, even with the recommended cleaning the therapist, it is quite normal to have a foul odor during inspiration in the mask, hose and humidifier when starting CPAP.

We offer the service of cleaning system positively charged appliance for sleep apnea causing full internal disinfection device and adding a powerful disinfectant to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, tuberculosis and a large number of microbes that might be present on the device.

iStock 000016054341XSmallWe offer a repair service for CPAP, BiPAP and Bilevel through collaboration center approved by the manufacturers.

There is a possibility to completely change the device if the device is still under warranty.

No matter where you purchased your unit, we can help.

* For your convenience, The sleep clinic offers the rental unit during the time of repair.


At the sleep clinic, you will find brands such as: Philips Respironics, Resmed, Fisher and Paykel Heathcare, Puritan Bennett, Sleepnet, DeVilbiss, Circadiance, Stevenson Industries, Apex and Kego Corporation.
Our online store allows you to view, compare and select the model best suited to your needs and, from the best brands.
We believe, however, that certain products require special attention and advice from a respiratory therapist to choose certain types of equipment that you will benefit even more from your night's sleep.
We invite you to contact one of our clinics for advice or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if the desired product is not available online.

At your service

We offer personalized service and expert care related to the treatment of sleep apnea CPAP and BiPAP. Professionalism, dedication and availability of our therapists contribute to effective and positive results of your night's sleep.

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