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Do you snore and are always tired?

uarsThe obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a respiratory disorder that occurs during sleep and can be life threatening. Apnea is simply a pause in breathing and obstruction which means that there is a blockage to the airflow. OSA is the most common breathing problem during sleep, when the person stops breathing while she/he is asleep.

Most people do not know and often the best witness is the spouse.

Some signs and symptoms :

Loud snoring, morning fatigue, feeling exhausted after a day at work, drowsiness watching television, stop breathing during sleep, memory, impairment, decrease sex drive, headaches in the morning, irritability, depression, insomnia, sleep unrefreshing.

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Do you suffer from insomnia or other sleep disorders?

insomnieHow to tell if you''re an insomniac? Approximately 25% of the population suffers from insomnia, 10% of chronically. According to Charles M. Morin, a psychologist and sleep specialist researcher at Laval University (Quebec).

Takes more than fifteen minutes to fall asleep. Being awake for periods of fifteen to thirty minutes. Sleeping less than five hours per night. These symptoms must occur more than three times a week and cause during the day, poor mood, poor concentration or memory, level of impaired performance at work.In some cases, insomnia may result from a sleeping disorder in which the two most common are sleep apnea and the impatience of the inferior sort of tingling responsible for bursts of muscle preventing restful sleep. A medical consultation is then required to pass a polysomnography (sleep study) and many trace the problem.

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Have you ever had a loss of muscle tone after having a laugh?

narcolepsieNarcolepsy is a sleep disorder that is very rare, but fairly well known because it's rather a dramatic symptom. This syndrome, which tends to persist throughout life, affects about three in 10 000. The symptoms of narcolepsy can be terrifying in the beginning and continue to be a source of frustration even after the person is accustomed, but they never cause serious illness. People with narcolepsy are usually healthy and normal in all other respects. Their natural life expectancy is exactly the same as people without diabetes. No physical abnormality or tissue damage has ever been associated with this disorder, as either cause or consequence.

The probability of narcolepsy is equal for men and women. In general, this condition occurs for the first time in adolescence but can occur at almost any age. Symptoms usually occur one at a time though, among people over twenty years, it is more likely that several symptoms appear simultaneously. Symptoms can change over time in the same person, but no general trend of deterioration or damage has been observed with aging.

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Do you have tingling in the legs before going to bed?


The restless legs syndrome has two types of events often associated: restless leg syndrome which is unpleasant sensations felt during the day, and periodic movements that occur during sleep. 

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Sleep is not an interruption of business, this is another form of business organization especially connected to our brains!
We define sleep as a normal physiological state characterized by periodic and the suspension of alertness, muscular relaxation, slowing heart rate and breathing and dreaming of (dreams).
During a night's sleep, it is very organized and structured!
  • Light sleep (Stages 1 & 2).
  • Slow wave sleep or deep (Stages 3 & 4).
  • REM sleep or stage of dreams (REM).
  • Cycles of 1: 30 pm to 2 hours.

A hypnogram is a graph in which one can visualize the cycles and stages of sleep following a night of recording!
It can be noted on the diagram, stages that are in a cycle. These cycles last about 1:30 to 2:00 each. We have four to five cycles per night!
Deep sleep (stages 3 and 4) wants to be more abundant early in the night. But before morning, this is REM sleep or REM stage (Stage of Dreams) that deviate predominant!
When we say more rest early in the night, it's because of the abundance of deep sleep! REM sleep promotes physical recovery!
We dream more in late night, it is these dreams that we remember most often just before waking for the day! Dreams promote cognitive development, memory, intelligence!
However, while sleep is favorable.

Have questions about sleep disorders and how to diagnose, contact us for more details, we can help!

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