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Equipment sales for sleep apnea - La clinique du sommeil

Equipment sales of CPAP / auto CPAP / biPAP for sleep apnea

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In addition to conducting studies on sleep, the sleep clinic also sells devices to treat sleep apnea patient directly and spare parts - such as masks, hoses and filters - which are periodically required to continued use of the device.

Appliances are electrical appliances, small enough to place on a bedside table. It draws air from the room and light pressure is delivered through a flexible tube to a special mask worn by the user during sleep. The air pressure keeps the throat open during sleep and eliminates snoring and pauses in breathing. Using the apparatus, breathing becomes regular, snoring stops, and restful sleep is restored.

We are able to offer you, within a very fast trademarks of CPAP, Auto CPAP, BiPAP or VPAP highly recommended by specialists in sleep medicine. Models new, refurbished or demonstration with optional payment methods suitable for every budget.

Teaching is conducted in a friendly and personalized introduction to treatment of sleep apnea. Operation, maintenance and the origins of sleep apnea are explained by inhalthérapeute certified.

The well-being of the people we serve is at the heart of our concerns. For this reason, we will contact each user to monitor the short, medium and long term of their night's sleep.


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