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FAQ - La clinique du sommeil

Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions for sleep tests


Does my insurance cover the sleep tests? 

Yes, sleep tests are covered by most insurance companies.


Do I need a doctor prescription to take a test? 

Yes, you must have a prescirption from your doctor to pass the sleep test. You can even have a prescription from your dentist for some sleep tests. 


Is the sleep tests offered by the sleep clinic are covered by health insurance (RAMQ)? 

No, the tests are not covered when they are done in our clinic, they are only covered by your insurance.


Are the tests painful? 

No, the tests are not painful, electrodes are attached to the outer surface of the skin to strategic locations on the body, a finger is clamped without pressure and an elastic bands goes around the chest and abdomen without tightening.


What is the difference between a complete laboratory polysomnography polysomnography and partial home test? 

The difference between the two tests is in the laboratory, we can assess the relationship between sleep stages, breathing and the movement of the legs, so evaluating various sleep disorders. Respiratory polygraphy in turn allows only the evaluation of sleep apea.


Can I go to work after my sleep test? 

Yes, you are awakened at six o'clock and you can take your shower in the laboratory and proceed to work after.


What is the next step following the sleep test? 

There is analysis, interpretation of your test results and then your doctor receives a written report. You must make an appointment with your doctor so that he can discuss the results and direct you to the best treatment.


Frequently asked questions for sleep apnea devices


Does my insurance cover the sleep apnea device? 

Yes, devices for sleep apnea are covered by the majority of insurance companies.


Will I need a prescription for an sleep apnea device? 

Yes, you must have a prescription your doctor for a sleep apnea device.


Are the devices very noisy? 

No, the units are extremely quiet, about 7-8 decibels less than previous generations of CPAP.


Is that I can travel with my CPAP? 

Yes, in addition there are discrete travel bags to transport your device when you are traveling, you can connect your device anywhere in the world. The devices have the ability to operate between 100 and 240 volts, you just need the right wall outlet connection, depending on the country where you are travelling.


What can happen if I decide not to treat my sleep apnea? 

In addition, without treatment there is a diminution of your quality of life, there is an increased risk of long term health, having a cerebrovascular accident (CVA), myocardial infarction (heart attack) or even as an independent factor , hypertension (high blood pressure).






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