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Inspection, cleaning and equipment repair

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Good maintenance is of paramount importance to ensure the full life of the unit. Manufacturers strongly recommend at least once a year to verify the functioning and reliability of its equipment. Our program can operate to its full potential.

The annual program includes an audit in 35 points: compliance report, signs of the device, comparison of pressures, for leaks, signs of clinical treatment and type of mask used.

After some time, even with the recommended cleaning the therapist, it is quite normal to have a foul odor during inspiration in the mask, hose and humidifier when starting CPAP.

We offer the service of cleaning system positively charged appliance for sleep apnea causing full internal disinfection device and adding a powerful disinfectant to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, tuberculosis and a large number of microbes that might be present on the device.

We offer a repair service for CPAP, BiPAP and Bilevel through collaboration center approved by the manufacturers.

There is a possibility to completely change the device if the device is still under warranty.

No matter where you purchased your unit, we can help.

* For your convenience, The sleep clinic offers the rental unit during the time of repair.


Read the documentation here.


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