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The sleep tests - La clinique du sommeil

Sleep study and polysomnography

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After your consultation with your doctor, you may be referred for a sleep study. A sleep study, or polysomnography, is a non-invasive test in which pain and no sleep habits and behaviors associated with sleep are recorded.

Express screening of sleep apnea

Our therapists offer a free screening that assesses the risk of the sleep apnea using questionnaires clinically recognized directly in our clinics or directly to your business for your employees.

You will be informed of the chances you have to make sleep apnea with a comprehensive overview which tackles examinations, symptoms, causes, associated problems and treatments.

Contact us or start the questionnaire pre-test of four questions on the risk to the sleep apnea. Take the sleep test online for free!


The sleep study or complete polysomnograhy is a comprehensive review where people come to sleep in our laboratory. The review allows you and your doctor to accurately identify a sleep disorder (sleep apnea, insomnia, restless legs, narcolepsy ...).

We have these rooms with the equipment at the cutting edge of technology and knowledge that can make this type of examination very sharp. Read more ...

The respiratory polygraphy or polysomnography partial is a test where people sleep at home with a device that looks like a lie detector. The review allows you and your doctor identify if you're sleep apnea. Read more ...

The nocturnal oximetry or oximetry night is a test where people sleep at home with a simple clip at your fingertips. The exam allows your doctor to identify if you need more Investigate to see if you have an opportunity to make sleep apnea. Read more ...

Vigilance study 

Vigilance studies are iterative test latency to sleep onset (MSLT) and the test mantien of wakefulness (MWT). People come to spend a whole day in the laboratory which allows you and your doctor identify if you're in narcolepsy cases MSLT test or validate the effectiveness of CPAP or medication in the case of MWT.

We sat and sat trying to sleep during the MSLT and conversely trying to stay awake in case of MWT. 


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